Homeowners and owners of commercial and public properties have the duty to protect all authorized guests to those properties, like social guests and commercial visitors. This duty includes preventing slips and falls.

But slips, falls, and resulting injuries happen every day. When they happen because of a property owner’s failure to maintain a safe premises for authorized visitors, the property owner may be liable for the victim’s resulting damages. To recover compensation for slip and fall damages, a victim must file a personal injury claim.

What Causes Slips and Falls?

Slips and falls result from a variety of hazards. These hazards include:

  • Broken steps;
  • Broken and loose handrails;
  • Uneven pavement;
  • Unsecured carpets;
  • Unsecured wires;
  • Slippery floors; and
  • Debris on floors and on outdoor grounds.

These hazards’ dangers can be exacerbated by low lighting. Slip and fall hazards can be found indoors or outdoors.