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Casselberry Personal Injury Attorney

Casselberry Personal Injury Accident Attorney Firm Securing Compensation for clients Injured in Casselberry and surrounding areas.

Regardless of where you live in Casselberry, or your demographics or background, it is impossible to predict the occurrence of an accident. What’s more, everyone is at risk of an accident when negligence is involved, even the most careful of individuals.

At The Benenati Law Firm, our Casselberry personal injury attorneys are available to help you understand your options if you have been injured due to another’s actions.

We Are Ready To Take On Your Case

Our Casselberry personal injury attorneys have been helping clients harmed in accidents throughout our state understand their legal rights and seek remedies for their injuries for years. As such, we have been exposed to numerous accident and personal injury case types, and we are ready to take on your case today. We have assisted many previous clients in navigating:

  • Car accident claims;
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accident claims;
  • Large truck accident claims;
  • Slip and fall cases;
  • Premises liability claims;
  • Defective product claims;
  • Medical malpractice cases; and
  • More.

Regardless of the specific type of accident in which you were involved, if you believe that someone else’s negligence was to blame, we can help.

Hit 7’s After an Accident

How Our Lawyers Improve The Outcome Of Your Personal Injury Case

There is no legal requirement to work with a lawyer; however, doing so is almost always within your best interests. Our lawyers improve the outcome of your personal injury case by:

  • Proving the four elements of a personal injury claim. In order to win your personal injury claim, you must be able to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant owed you a duty of care, breached the duty of care owed to you, and that the breach was the proximate cause of your injury and damages. We are extremely familiar with these elements, and the evidence required to establish each one.
  • Protecting you from allegations of comparative fault. An insurance company may try to avoid a large settlement by alleging that you contributed to your injuries in part, and therefore that your settlement award should be reduced in value. Don’t fall into this trap – let our skilled lawyers protect you from such accusations.
  • Negotiating your settlement award. When you choose our team, you are choosing skilled investigators and negotiators. We know what your case is worth, and will aggressively negotiate for your full settlement award. We are also skilled litigators, and won’t hesitate to take your case to court if necessary.
  • Explaining legal requirements. In addition to the elements of a personal injury claim listed above, it’s important to have an understanding of legal terms and requirements, such as the statute of limitations in Florida, which mandates that a plaintiff bring forth their claim within four years of the date of their injury.

Your Personal Injury Attorney

Settle for More

Benenati Law Firm has recovered MILLIONS for our Orlando injury clients.

The Benenati Law Firm - Zero Guarantee Fee For Your Personal Injury Case In Orlando, FL - You Don't Pay Unless We Win

No Win, No Fee Promise

When it comes to the outcome of your case, you don’t pay, unless you win. You don’t have to worry about paying attorneys in advance.

Walter Benenati


When you hire me I will be responsive and attentive to your calls and questions. I will return phone calls and be in my office when you need me. I do not golf nor do I take much time off. I am not a trust fund baby. My parents are not doctors and lawyers. They were hard working middle class people before they both passed away while I was in law school over 10 years ago. I am a nice generous person that will treat you with respect. I am married and a father of two young children. When I am not spending time with my family I will be in my office working ON YOUR CASE. You are my client but you are also my employer – I WORK FOR YOU and will work as hard as possible to make you feel I will be your go to lawyer for the rest of your life.

Call Our Personal Injury Lawyers Today

At The Benenati Law Firm, we understand that accidents can happen to anyone at any time and can change lives forever.

If you are suffering physical, emotional, and financial losses after being harmed due to another party’s negligence, please reach out to our personal injury lawyers directly to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your legal options. We know how unsettling the aftermath of an accident can be, and we are here to provide you the legal counsel and guidance you need and deserve. Reach us by phone or online today to get started.

Hit 7’s After an Accident


Practice Areas

The Benenati Law Firm serves personal injury clients, as well as those going through the bankruptcy process. Our practice areas include:

Personal Injury

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Auto Accidents

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Truck Accidents

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Pedestrian Accidents

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Worker's Compensation

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Slip & Fall

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Do Not Settle For Less

Our oath to you is handling your case from start to finish effectively, competently, and aggressively. Why settle for less than you deserve at a huge law firm. Our goal is not to be the biggest but instead the best. We will work on achieving that every day and with every case we take on. We have Offices in Orlando, and Kissimmee  for your convenience but if you prefer we come to you, we will do so; not with an “investigator,” but with an Attorney at your home. Allow us the opportunity to give you the

Representation for injuries including:

Personal Injury
Car Accidents
Wrongful Death
Amusement Park Accidents
Workers’ Compensation

personal attention you deserve in your case. This is not assembly line justice. You deserve better.

You were involved in a car accident. You are suffering and injured and you want someone to pay for that suffering. That is why you are looking for a personal injury lawyer. Too many times, someone hires a large law firm and gets lost in the shuffle. That will not happen in our firm. Do not let it happen to you.

Free Initial Consultation

Whether you have suffered a serious injury because of another’s negligence, or you are suffocating under mountains of debt, a consultation with the Benenati Law Firm may prove to be extremely advantageous. We encourage you to call our offices today at 407-777-7777, or fill out our online form to request your free, no-obligation, and completely confidential case consultation. If you are unable to travel to our location during our office hours, we offer after-hours and home visits for your convenience, too.

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Hit 7’s After an Accident


We Have The Awards

The Benenati Law Firm has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years for our legal services. These include, but are not limited to, recognition from Avvo, Super Lawyers, Florida Legal Elite, and The National Advocates Top Lawyers.

Walter Benenati - Avvo Logo - Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando, Florida
Walter Benenati - Distinguished Justice Advocates Top %1 Attorneys In America/USA - Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando, Florida
Walter Benenati - Avvo Logo - Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando, Florida
Walter Benenati - Florida Legal Elite 2016 - Personal Injury Lawyer In Orlando, Florida
Walter Benenati - Top Attorneys In Florida Rising Stars 2016 - Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando, Florida
Walter Benenati - The National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers - Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando, Florida

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Elizabeth P.

“Walter maximized my settlement and he reached the policy limits. That’s the best scenario.”

Deborah T.

“I would like to thank the Benenati Law Firm for helping to take the stress out of dealing with the insurance company and for everyone being very professional and always available to take my calls. The speed of the case being closed exceeded my expectations and any future needs I will definitely be contacting them.”

Danielle J.

“My experience with the Benenati Law Firm in Orlando was a great experience. They helped right away after a heartbreaking experience at another law firm. THEY MADE MORE PROGRESS IN MY CASE IN TWO MONTHS THAN 2 YEARS WITH MY FORMER LAW FIRM. I am so grateful.”