While Clermont may be a small city, it still relies on goods and products that are imported from other areas. And as such, large trucks can be found on Clermont’s roads. While these trucks may be essential for the Clermont economy, there is no doubt that when negligence is involved in the operation of a big rig, an accident may occur. Large truck collisions can be absolutely devastating, leaving victims with permanently disabling injuries. In some cases, truck accidents are fatal.

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Truck Accidents Can Be Catastrophic

Large truck accidents can be catastrophic, mostly due to the fact that large trucks are about 20 times larger than passenger cars, meaning that there is a much greater degree of force involved in these collisions. When a semi-truck or tractor-trailer truck hits a smaller vehicle, the vehicle may be destroyed or crushed entirely. Those within the smaller vehicle are often left with tragic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, amputation injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe bone fracture injuries, internal injuries, and more.

Injuries are not only disabling, but also cost tens of thousands of dollars to remedy. In addition to medical costs and costs of accommodating for disability (i.e. installation of a wheelchair ramp, hired home help, etc.), the individual may also face lost wages, pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, and more.