Florida’s fantastic weather makes it easy to get around Casselberry by foot for work, running errands, exercise, or fun. Many pedestrians assume walking may be safer after hearing so many awful statistics on car accidents, but the truth is that injury-causing incidents are common. If you’re a victim, you may not be prepared for the devastating losses you and your family may sustain.

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Central Florida’s Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

Online news source ClickOrlando.com recently published an article that should be disturbing for anyone who travels by foot in Central Florida:

  • All five cities topping the list of most dangerous locations for pedestrians are located in Florida;
  • A total of eight Florida cities are in the top 20 deadliest municipalities in the US for walkers; and,
  • More than 20 percent of all Florida pedestrian deaths occurred in Central Florida, including several cities close to Casselberry.

Statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles echo these statistics on pedestrian accidents in the state. The 2017 version of Crash Facts reports that there were more than 9,400 motor vehicle incidents involving people on foot, causing injuries to 8,126 pedestrian victims.