You may not expect to get hurt while shopping, dining, or enjoying other activities around Oviedo, FL, but slip and fall accidents are quite common. Unfortunately, many of these incidents occur because the owner or operator of the premises fails to maintain a safe environment for guests.

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Florida Law On Slip and Fall Cases and Premises Liability

Premises liability cases, including slip and fall accidents, are based upon the legal theory of negligence. To succeed on a claim for compensation, you need to show that the property owner or operator breached a legal duty of care. In the context of premises liability, negligent acts may include:

  • Not repairing a dangerous condition on the premises after receiving notice of the hazard;
  • Failure to fix a hazardous condition when the owner or operator had constructive notice through surrounding circumstances;
  • Neglecting to inspect the premises to discover dangerous conditions that should be remedied;
  • Failure to place a sign, barricade, or other communication warning guests and others of a hazard.