My Oath to You

Dear Client,

As you read this I can only empathize what you are going through. You were involved in a car accident or perhaps you had a nasty fall in a restaurant. You went through all the proper procedures of making a report. You even took some photos of your injury. Now you have decided it is time to call a lawyer. What now? You think to yourself, maybe I should just hire the law firm that is on TV here in Orlando every single minute. They must be good since they are everywhere, right? Think again.

Hiring a law firm with over two hundred lawyers ensures you will get lost in the shuffle. This is their system. You call in and an “investigator” comes to your home to sign you up. You will be assigned a number. Just another number. YOU WILL NOT MEET YOUR LAWYER UNTIL EITHER MEDIATION OR CHECKS ARE SIGNED. How does that make you feel? Do you think that is right?

I don’t think so.

At our firm, I promise to make certain all your questions are answered by an experienced attorney and I promise you will actually meet your attorney when you hire us. It is not rocket science. It is business as usual at our firm.

Listen, this is serious business. I am a hard-nosed blue-collar upbringing Attorney working for you to get the job done. I fix problems. Your problems. My oath to you is that I will treat your case like it is the most important case of all time and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. And as always, if we do not recover money for you, our services are absolutely FREE. Call me now at 407-777-7777 for a FREE consultation so we can get started now.


Walter F. Benenati