An injury sustained on the job can be even more devastating than a serious injury acquired elsewhere, as not only do you have to take time off of work to recover from your injury, but also, you may be entitled to a workers compensation claim. While workers compensation is meant to protect individuals in the very event that they are injured while working, filing a claim against your employer can be difficult. After all, what if they get angry and retaliate by firing you? Or what if they claim that the injury was your fault, and let you go before you ever even have a chance to file a claim?

While these are very real concerns that many individuals have when considering filing a workers compensation claim, they are unnecessary concerns, as it is illegal for an employer to fire an individual out of retaliation. However, at The Benenati Law Firm, we like to warn our clients about the very real possibility that their employers will try to retaliate against them. Furthermore, we feel it is important that our clients understand that their employer may try to downplay their injuries and have their workers’ compensation benefits greatly reduced, or even denied. Because of this, we always recommend approaching a workers compensation claim with adequate legal representation on your side.

At The Benenati Law Firm, our Winter Park workers compensation lawyers fight to protect your rights as an injured employee and to achieve a fair and beneficial outcome to your case.