Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Clients in Apopka

Nobody expects to get hurt in a serious motor vehicle crash on the commute to work or at a Florida amusement park during a vacation. However, accidents and severe personal injuries occur much too often, and innocent people often get hurt because of another party’s careless or reckless behavior. At the Benenati Law Firm, our goal is to provide each of our clients with aggressive yet compassionate representation from the start of each case through to a settlement or a damages award.

We know that personal injuries can be life-altering experiences and that the weeks and months after a significant personal injury can feel hopeless. We also know that you should not have to pay the price for another person’s negligent or harmful actions. By filing a personal injury claim, you can seek financial compensation for your losses. A settlement or damages award can cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and even the loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced Apopka personal injury attorney at our firm can help you to seek the compensation you deserve.