Hiking in Florida

Although many people flock to Florida to enjoy the coastline and the water, a significant number of others visit the state for its amazing hiking opportunities. Indeed, the following are some of the best hiking trails in the Orlando area for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. Of course, safety is a priority, and hikers shouldn’t hesitate to contact an experienced legal professional if they have been injured on the trails.

 Top Hiking Trails in the Orlando Area

 Cady Way Trail: The Cady Way Trail is a 6.5 mile rail trail that follows the path of a former railroad line. It takes hikers and bikers from Winter Park to the Orlando Fashion Square Mall.

Lake Lotus Park: Located in Altamonte Springs, Lake Lotus Park offers 1.7 miles of trails that wind through the region’s natural marshes and swamps.

Spring Hammock Preserve: The Spring Hammock Preserve encompasses nearly 1,500 acres of protected natural area in Seminole County. There are many scenic trails that can take hikers through all ends of this park.

Gertrude’s Walk: Finally, if you are looking for a change of pace, Gertrude’s Walk might be the perfect path for you. This urban trail will take you on a scenic path into the business district of Orlando.

Five Hiking Safety Tips

  1. Know Your Path

 You do not want to get lost on a hiking trail. This is especially important if you are going on longer, more rural, path. Please be sure to plan your route out ahead of time.

  1. Bring Water

 No matter the time of the year, it can get hot in Central Florida. When you are physically active, you need to be sure to keep yourself properly hydrated. Never go hiking without access to plenty of fresh water. You may be surprised how quickly you begin to feel the adverse effects of dehydration.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

 Beyond dehydration, the hot Florida sun can also quickly cause damaging sunburns. Do not underestimate the risks posed by the sun damage. Not only are sunburns incredibly painful, but they can eventually lead to conditions like skin cancer.

  1. Prepare for the Elements

 We all know that the weather in Florida can change very quickly. Before setting out on trail, you should be fully prepared for the elements. Always check the day’s weather report and be ready for any rain or high winds.

  1. Watch Your Step

 Finally, be sure to watch your step while hiking. Things can fall onto the trails and roots can rise up right out the group. Tripping can lead to a very serious injury. Please keep your eyes open at all times.

Understanding Your Legal Rights as a Hiker

 Injured hikers have important legal rights. If you were injured while hiking in Florida, it is imperative that you get your case in the hands of an experienced Orlando personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation. In some case, a private entity may bear liability for your injury. For example, if you were injured while hiking as a part of a tour group, that touring company’s negligence may have played a role. Touring companies have a legal duty to look out for the safety of their customers. Even if you were injured hiking on your own while on public land, you may still be able to take actions. Though, these case are more challenging. Ultimately, an attorney needs to review the specific facts of your case to determine how to best protect your rights.

 Contact an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney for Help With Your Hiking Accident

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