Is It Better to Hire the Biggest Law Firm to Handle My Injury Case?

When it comes to choosing a law firm, there are endless options.  Hiring the biggest personal injury firm with the most attorneys, does not necessarily mean better results in your case. When dealing with serious injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, and other personal injury matters, experience and attention to detail are key.

Smaller firms tend to be more hands-on and do not have the larger caseloads bigger firms carry. Your case is not going to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, it will get the personalized attention it deserves from a highly skilled and qualified attorney. At many of the larger firms, attorneys assigned to cases are just a few years out of law school, just learning to practice law.

When it comes to selecting a lawyer, finding one who is competent to handle your case is just the first step. The most important quality to look for when hiring an attorney is trust. Feeling comfortable in your attorney’s presence and being able to share with them pertinent information, openly and honestly regarding your case, will result in the best recovery.

Before meeting with your attorney, research the firm online. Look for client reviews when it comes to customer service results. Do not rely solely on advertisements or an attorney’s website. Check the Florida Bar website for any issues of misconduct or malpractice accusations.

Make sure your attorney has experience litigating cases similar to yours and has a winning record. Having this experience, means that your attorney has worked with similar defendants, which will be an asset during negotiation and settlement talks.

Any legitimate personal injury attorney will get paid once they win your case. Make sure your attorney has a clear, honest, and appropriate fee structure.

You are suffering and injured, and you want someone to pay for that suffering. That is why you are looking for a personal injury lawyer. Too many times, someone hires a large law firm and gets lost in the shuffle. That will not happen in our firm. Do not let it happen to you.

In addition to being the largest filer of bankruptcies, we have over ten years of experience handling personal injury claims – whether it is a motor vehicle accident, a medical malpractice claim, a wrongful death, a slip and fall – CALL US FIRST. You already know us. If we can’t, we know excellent attorneys who will and can refer you. Just Dial 7’s – 407-777-7777.

The Benenati Law Firm provides client representation for injuries including:

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Our oath to you is handling your case from start to finish effectively, competently, and aggressively. Why settle for less than you deserve at a huge law firm. Our goal is not to be the biggest but instead the best. We will work on achieving that every day and with every case we take on. We have Offices in Orlando, and Kissimmee for your convenience but if you prefer, we come to you, we will do so; not with an “investigator,” but with an Attorney at your home. Allow us the opportunity to give you the personal attention you deserve in your case. This is not assembly line justice. You deserve better. Dial 407-777-7777 today.