Did Those People Really Make That Money Advertised On a Billboard?

When you see a large dollar amount on a billboard, what does that number really mean?

Reading Between the Lines When It Comes to Attorney Advertising

If you have spent any time driving around Orlando or Kissimmee, it’s hard to miss the billboard campaigns a number of local attorneys have put up, publicizing how much money they have gotten their clients. It reminds me of something Publishers Clearing House would bring to your front door.

These usually feature a picture of a smiling person or happy couple holding up a large check with a dollar amount on it. Or worse: A smiling attorney’s face on it that they got millions for a DUI accident. Horrible. Is that really something to smile about?

At the top, the words “_ _ _ Got Me…’’ are followed by a huge dollar amount ranging from $200,000 to even several million dollars.

These checks and the large payout amounts look credible and are enticing- particularly to those who have never been involved in a serious accident before.

I can tell you; the realities of a personal injury lawsuit are anything but.

These billboards and advertisements featuring the smiling faces and lottery-style winnings, gloss over the realities of an injury lawsuit.  The larger the amount on the check, the larger amount of pain, suffering, and injury that person had to go through- and will likely have to go through for the rest of their life. Not to mention, property damage, the cost of medications to treat the pain and ailments caused by the accident, rehabilitation, and lost wages. It is a life changer.

So did the client really get that amount advertised? The answer is no. Let’s take for example a settlement that advertises $400,000. First, 40% of the recovery went to the lawyer. That is $160,000. Now what is remaining? $240,000. To obtain a larger settlement over $100,000, surgery was probably involved, so out of the remaining $240,000, probably an additional $120,000 went to medical bills. Ambulance transport, a visit to the ER, surgery, a hospital stay, radiology bills, physical therapy, and at-home care can add up quickly. Add in attorney costs which are separate from the actual attorneys’ fees, the client ends up walking away with about $118,000. Not bad money but way less than what is advertised on the billboards.

At The Benenati Law Firm, we are about obtaining justice for our clients. You are suffering and injured, and you want someone to pay for that suffering. That is why you are looking for a personal injury lawyer. We will be real, honest, and forthright with our representation and not dangle a carrot in front of your face. We will work tirelessly for your case.

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