Airport Injuries

Florida airports are busy places. In fact, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is ranked as the 14th busiest airport in the entire country. According to data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, nearly 19 million passengers flew out of Orlando International in 2015 alone. With that much activity, some serious injuries are bound to happen. Airports, and all entities that operate within them have legal duties to look out for the safety of passengers. If they fail to live up to these duties, they may be held liable for any resulting injuries.

Common Airport Accidents

 Airport injuries can occur in a number of different ways. Some examples of accidents that frequently occur in and around airports include:

  • Passenger drop-off area vehicle collisions;
  • Pedestrian accidents;
  • Wet floor accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents; and
  • Baggage-related injuries.

When Can the Airport Be Held Liable?

 As with other premises liability cases, airport injury cases generally come down to negligence. In simple terms, negligence is the failure to take proper care in a given situation. If you can prove that negligence contributed to your injuries, you can often hold the responsible party liable. For example, in the case of Seals v. Delta Airlines, a disabled woman was able to hold Delta Airlines liable because she was injured due to lack of wheelchair access between gates. The court found that Delta had falsely advised her that her trip was fully wheelchair accessible. She attempted to traverse the gates without a wheelchair and suffered serious damage as a result. Thus, Delta’s negligence contributed her injuries. Though, it is important to remember that airports themselves may be government entities. This is means they are subject to special rules. For example. they must be notified of injuries immediately after an accident. In the case of Benavides v. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Board, the facility was found to be not liable for an accident simply on the grounds that proper procedure was not followed. The victim failed to report his accident on time and the court never even considered the merits of his case. Please do not let this happen to you. If you have been injured at an Orlando area airport, you need to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Five Tips to Keep Your Family Safe at the Airport

  1.  Leave yourself plenty of extra travel time. This will dramatically reduce your family’s accident risk by avoiding rushed situations.
  2. Pack as lightly as possible. Carrying heavy luggage could lead to injuries.
  3. Keep your bags in sight. You do not want anything getting lost or stolen. Further, you do not want to end up in a panic running around the airport looking for a lost bag.
  4. Get plenty of rest before traveling. Many people fly at odds times and on little sleep. It is best to plan ahead so that you are well-rested for the day of your trip. Further, avoid consuming too much alcohol at the terminal. You will want to keep your head in a clear space until you have safely left the busy airport.
  5. Be prepared for an emergency. You never know what will happen at an airport. You should know what to do and whom to call if a serious accident occurs.

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